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LaGrange Businesses

We have it all!

  • Coffee & Cafe
  • Automotive repair, body work (2)
  • Gas station (credit card pumps)
  • Electrical/plumbing contractors (2)
  • Trenching contractor
  • Carpenters/building contractors (3)
  • Welding shops (2)
  • Grain elevator/propane supplier
  • Graphic design/web design
  • Real estate
  • Interior design, kitchenware and beauty consultants
  • Pheasant hunting/sporting clay
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Christian college
  • Numerous ranches and farms
  • Gift Shop & Convenience Store

Office Space for Rent

Don’t Wait These don’t stay open for long.

3 Rooms Available

300 square feet available includes phone, internet, natural lighting. In our historic High School Building.

Rental Prices

Security Deposit: $75
Building Rental: $85/day/room
$65/half day/room
Office Rental: Approximately $0.50/sq ft /month


Cancelation policy, Procedures, Hours, Decorating, Clean up, etc


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