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LaGrange, Wyoming, is a thriving Western community, with tremendous potential for new business development. A healthy mix of long-standing businesses and budding entrepreneurs prosper in this small town. The Town of LaGrange promotes a positive business climate and is continually working toward enhancing the community for current and future residents. Evidence of this planning is seen in the Community Assessment Report by the Wyoming Rural Development Council.

After the community assessment was completed in 2004 several members of the community stepped up to form committees to address the major items discovered in the assessment. (page 24)

Infrastructure • Lack of law enforcement • Telecommunications • Paving the streets • Health care services • Highway safety • Visioning and planning • Storm drainage • Economic Development • Business and Agribusiness development and enhancement • Bank or ATM • Recreation center and programs-swimming pool • Quality of Life • Walking path • Preserve and promote the historical aspects and high school • Town beautification • Community wide programs for children, family, seniors

Reading below, you will see several of the community assessment items being addressed through projects and grants obtained to complete the project if needed.  Several projects have been addressed and have been a large asset to the community.

Future Grants/ Projects

Final Closure of Landfill by DEQ

Working to finish landfill closure process per state requirements.

Water Project III

Taking recommendations from level one and level two studies. Moving into a construction phase.

Water meter Project

Providing new water meters to all taps in the town of LaGrange and begin metering water usages more efficiently.

Current Grants/ Projects

Public Works Facility

Building a facility to house all equipment to better protect from the weather so the equipment will last longer and the public works director can maintain equipment indoors.  The facility will also house the water and sewer system equipment for the town.

Benches and swing set

New weather resistant benches to be placed around walk path and a new swing for the town park.

Water Study Phase II

Recommendations from level one; the town needs to address fire flow, water storage and blending.

A new well was drilled and tested.  This well was drilled into a different aquafer to assist with providing more fire flow and possibly blending with current wells to meet the changing requirements of EPA.  The design of an additional water tower and looping the existing system to provide better water coverage, flow and pressure was also completed in this phase.

Past Grants/ Projects

Water Study Phase I

Study to assess existing water system and get a master plan for upgrades and replacements.

Walk Path Phase II

An addition to the walk path which is progress to completion of the initial design.

Walk Path Phase I

Built a portion of the walk path using the previously completed design as a part of the town community assessment.

LHS Fitness Equipment

Purchased fitness equipment to replace older damaged equipment.

Fire Truck

2021 Freightliner 3000-gallon pumper tender

Replaced older fire truck to meet ISO requirements

Main Street Sidewalks

Replaced old and added new sidewalks as well as curb and gutter on main street. Replaced sidewalk at Town Hall and LaGrange Heritage Square.


Water Tower Cathodic Protection

Replaced cathodic protection system in the water tower per inspectors recommendation as the current system was not functioning at 100%.


Chip Seal Street Repair

Chip sealed all paved streets in town as well as parking lots at town hall and community building.

Lagoon Valves

Replaced two influent boxes & valves that operate the lagoons as well as crossover valves that separate the lagoons.


Telemetry System

Purchased a telemetry system which monitors the water tower and water wells.


Town Welcome Sign

Replaced old signs with a new design and landscaping

Sewer line Replacement/ Repair

Replaced 95% of the town sewer system


Medical Clinic Study

Contracted with a company to perform a feasibility study for a medical clinic in LaGrange


Storm Drainage

Main street west to the creek was redesigned and drainage was reshaped around the LaGrange elementary school as well as M street and the War Memorial building with underground storm drainage and a retention pond.

Walk Path Design

After the community assessment, a committee was formed and they produced several options for a walk path.  The final design was completed for the next phase, which would be construction


North Sewer & Water Project

Developed already platted town property with water, sewer, streets, electricity and phone.


Purchased two generators one for booster building and one for water wells.

Landfill closure Study & Permit

Drilled four monitoring wells at the LaGrange landfill per DEQ requirements. Designed options for closure of the landfill.

LHS Windows

Replaced windows in the LaGrange Heritage Square to match the original LaGrange High School design.

LHS Renovation

Purchased and renovated the LaGrange High School into the LaGrange Heritage Square.

Security Siren

Purchased siren and pole for emergency warning system

Park Improvement Project

Added concession stand (Yetter Snack Shack), new bleaches, panels for livestock pens and chutes to the existing arena area.


Purchased playground equipment and built a safe playground located near the LaGrange Arena in memory of Bill Ward.

Lift Station replacement

Replaced and relocated the towns first lift station.

Community Assessment

An assessment gathering information from the community, inside LaGrange as well as the surrounding area, then compiling the information to give to the town council as a guide for future economic development for the community.

Thank you!

The below entities helped fund our projects. We greatly appreciate your support.

  • State of Wyoming Water Development
  • State Lands & Investments Board
  • Clean Water State Revolving Fund
  • ARPA Funds
  • Goshen County Economic Development
  • GCED ½ cent sales tax
  • Goshen County Recreation Board
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT)
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Wyoming Business Council
  • Community Development Block Grant
  • County Wide Consensus Funds
  • Wyoming Rural Development
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Land & Water Conservation Fund
  • 1 Cent Capital Facilities Tax