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Zambeezi – All Natural Body Care


Zambeezi products – like lip balm, body balm and soap – are manufactured right here in Lagrange, Wyoming.  Visit our website or give us a call to come tour our facility.  

We at Zambeezi are the connectors, bringing the incredible strengths and products of Zambian entrepreneurs, beekeepers and farmers to the North American market. We leverage our access and to be truthful, privileged access to a broader market, technology and transportation to connect our partners to you, our customers.

Every time you pick up your favorite tube of organic, fair trade lip balm and handcrafted soap, consider the partnership that connects you to this greater community. As your olfactory senses are transported to an open field on a farm in Zambia, remember our partners, not in pity, but in gratitude. 

Partner with us, by using our lip balm, carrying it in your store, or connecting us with local retailers in your area. Together we’re creating a future.

Products available locally include, lip balm, body balm, soap, beeswax, honey, coconut oil, sunflower oil, Mongongo oil, jojoba oil, and a variety of essential oils.