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The LaGrange War Memorial Building, also known as The Community Building has a rich history. A rodeo held at the rodeo grounds on the west side of town was the beginning of the LaGrange War Memorial Building. The proceeds of this rodeo in the amount of $1,043.73 were put into a World War II Memorial fund.

It was never used until the idea of a community building was developed in 1951-1952. It was definitely a community effort with monetary and equipment donations along with the labor involved. There was even assistance from Torrington to help raise money and Cheyenne businesses helped on heat and a range for the kitchen.

Upon completion the building was quickly put to use with monthly dinners and homemade pies donated by committees formed by the women.

Many years have passed and this Memorial Building continues to be improved and used. It can be used for meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions and more. The building can be rented for a fee, (see facility use fees below).

The building also hosts memorabilia from our Veterans. It’s a true memorial!

Please note the word ‘community”. Please consider this in the care and upkeep of the building.

Please contact the Scheduling Coordinator-Peggy Oedekoven to schedule and pay for your event.

Facility Use Fees:

  • Baby and wedding showers, private parties, carry-in-meals, receptions & family reunions        $50
  • Community Club Meetings                                                                               $30
  • Community Youth Organizations with Suitable Chaperone                    $15
  • Kitchen Use Fee (any food prep and/or use of appliances)                     $35
  • All money-making functions are to contribute 25% of net profits to the building.
  • There will be a $50 refundable cleaning deposit for all showers, private parties, carry-in-meals, receptions & family reunions.