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The fitness center is located in the basement of the LaGrange Heritage Square Building with a current membership of 65! When you have paid your membership and have taken the one-time orientation class you will receive a key card which will allow you to enter the LHS Building when it is most convenient for you. But remember to be safe there is no staff on duty and you will be using the equipment AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The orientation classes are offered by appointment only. The orientation class is a one-time fee of $10 and is required before you can use the LHS fitness center equipment.

Membership Rates
The LHS Fitness Center rates are $120 a year for a single person, $180 a year for a couple plus the family membership $40 per year per child 12 and older. All the proceeds will be used for the operational costs of the LHS building. Payments can be made annually or semi-annually to the Town of LaGrange. For more information contact LaGrange Town Hall at 834-2466.