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LaGrange Cemetery

For burial plot information, please contact the LaGrange Cemetery Sexton,
Carl Yuill at 534-5280.

To handle payments, or for billing questions, please contact Sec./Treas.
Jamie Beightol at 834-2400.

Please keep cemetery plot decorations within your loved one’s plot. The LaGrange Cemetery Association is not liable for stolen or damaged headstones, decorations or flowers. 

Thanks to contributors, and this website, please check out this link to find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials or add photos, virtual flowers or a note to a loved one’s memorial:

Find a Grave Website

Read about the history of the cemetery in the Trail, Rails, & Travails book. You can purchase a copy by contacting the LaGrange Town Hall (307-834-2466).

Lost excerpt from Trails, Rails and Travails, written by Earl Chamberlain.

“It has been said that the civilization of a nation is shown by the way it takes care of its old, and its dead. On this basis, we rate very high. We may fight and feud like schoolgirls, but when an emergency, or a disaster arises affecting one of our number we arise to the occasion as no other people do. We have faith in the new generation. We believe it will take up where we leave off and carry forward to even better goals.”